8+ Person Hot Tubs

For those that like to go big or go home! An 8+ seat hot tub is the perfect fit for extroverts and large families. With Hydropool’s self-cleaning technology and energy-efficient innovations, it won’t cost you much more to operate an 8 person hot tub than it would a smaller hot tub.


The 2nd largest hot tub in the Self-Cleaning line, the 790 comfortably fits 7-8 people. Perfect for the couple that fights over who gets to use the lounger, this hot tub features two no-float lounge seats with jetting that has to be felt to be believed. Self-Cleaning filtration and Hydrowise insulation also reduce your running costs to just pennies a day!

94″ x 94″


The hot tub that has it all! The Self-Cleaning 970 is one of the largest tubs in the industry, comfortably fitting 8-9 people. There are no compromises here: a no-float lounge seat with jetting that has to be felt to be believed, unique volcano-style jetting for the feet, bench and corner seats that will fit all your friends and family as well as Self-Cleaning filtration and Hydrowise insulation to reduce your running costs to just pennies a day!

110″ x 94″

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Hot Tub and Swim Spa Repair Services

I need HELP now!

Do you have a technical problem with your hot tub that requires our professional attention? Our expert team at York Region Pools & Hot Tubs is here to help! Whether you have an issue with your pump, filter, heater, or any other part of your hot tub, we’ve seen it before and we know how to fix it.

Hot Tub ($65/wkly) and Swim Spa ($100/wkly) Maintenance Services

If you’re having problems with a chemical imbalance or water clarity issues in your hot tub, look no further than York Region Pools & Hot Tubs. Our professional and experienced technicians will know how to get your hot tub looking sparkling new again! We provide ongoing weekly hot tub maintenance services that include:

  • Testing the hot tub water.
  • Adding weekly maintenance chemicals.
  • Cleaning all hot tub surfaces.
  • Cleaning the hot tub cover.
  • Adding balancing chemicals (if needed).
  • Cleaning the hot tub filter (if needed).

Hot Tub Drain & Fill ($274.99) Swim Spa Drain and Fill ($374.99)

Draining and refilling your hot tub can be a huge pain. Take the headache out of changing your hot tub water by hiring the professionals at York Region Pools & Hot Tubs to do it for you! Our expert technicians will first drain your hot tub, then properly clean all of the hot tub surfaces, deep clean the filters. Once the hot tub has been fully cleaned we will then start the refilling process so that there will be no FLO errors when you turn the hot tub back on.  Swim Spa customer encouraged to use bulk water delivery to refill your spa quickly.

Hot Tub Cover Replacements

Is your old hot tub cover getting heavy? Has it started lift around the edges? It may be time to replace it. At York Region Pools & Hot Tubs, we offer Canadian made, environmentally friendly, CFC free foam insulating covers that are custom made to fit your hot tub. We can also deliver your new cover and remove and dispose of your old cover.

Chemical Deliveries

Need some chemicals but don’t have time to make it to the store? No problem! Just give us a call to place your chemical order and we can deliver it right to your backyard!