Chemicals & Water Testing

Professional Pool & Hot Tub Water Testing

One of the most important things you can do for your pool or hot tub is to test your water.

No two pools or hot tubs are the same. Everything from source water to weather patterns to vegetation and proximity to other environmental factors can all affect the water in your pool or hot tub.

If left alone, the water would quickly become “unbalanced”. This can lead to everything from dry, itchy skin, to unsafe water, to permanent damage to your hot tub or pool. Fortunately, we offer free water testing services that can help you keep your water balanced and safe to use.

Our free pool and hot tub water tests include tests for:

  • Chlorine / Bromine
  • pH and Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
  • TDS
  • Stabilizer (Pools Only)
  • Metals
  • Phosphates

Properly balanced water provides you with a comfortable swimming or soaking experience, efficiency of your sanitizer and longevity of your pool or spa surface and equipment. If you’re in the Richmond Hill or Newmarket area, come and see us for your free pool or hot tub water test!

How Often Should You Test Your Water?

We recommend having your water tested by a professional every 3-4 weeks. In between professional tests, you should be able to maintain a proper water balance using a home testing kit. These tests should be done at least twice per week.

Pool & Hot Tub Chemicals

We are also York Region’s choice for hot tub and pool chemicals. Whether you just need are troubleshooting some water quality issues, or simply need some weekly chemicals, York Region Pools & Hot Tubs has what you need!

Proudly featuring Dazzle pool and hot tub chemicals, we carry everything from basic maintenance chemicals that help to sanitize and balance the water, to specialty products that can help you fix green or cloudy water and solve more serious issues such as metal staining.


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